• Requests can take up to 72 hours to receive a response, with an extended time frame of up to 5 days if its requested over a weekend or holiday. Our staff will contact you once the Veterinarian has reviewed and responded to your prescription request. If this is an urgent matter or a new prescription, please call into the clinic at 541-924-1700.

    We do require an annual exam (VCPR) for all medications and prescription foods and also require current lab work for some prescriptions.

    Pet Parent Tip: Mark your physical or digital calendar 1 week prior to running out so that you are reminded to request this medication with enough time to get filled.

    We do have an online pharmacy that you can visit/order medications through that can be shipped to you at your convenience - please click on the ONLINE PHARMACY BUTTON at the top of our page!


    By selecting YES - I am agreeing that my pet can wait AT LEAST 72 hours for these medications and that I understand that all medication refills MUST go through a doctor and that time frame can take up to 72 hours before my pets chart can be reviewed. If this is an URGENT REFILL, please call us at 541-924-1700

    Please list the names, dosages and quantities of the medication(s) you are requesting.
  • Medication RequestedDosage Size/ StrengthQuantity RequestedHow is Medication Given (by mouth, subcutaneously, rectally, applied to skin, applied to ears, or other -- if other, please explain)How is your pet doing on this medication? Do you have any concerns about this medication? 
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