Having worked with wood for years, Darrell started turnng pieces on his lathe as a hobby. Margo needed to free up some shelf space so decided to sell a few at craft fairs. They went so well she decided to put a few online. The Pet Urns are so well received that we decided to specialize in them.

Everything on our site is made here in Mn. using many of our native woods with some other woods used for accents.

Any of the Artistic Bowls could also be used as Pet Urns and the lids can be changed for a Pawprint lid if desired.

The standard formula for the size of an urn is one cubic inch per lb of pet. For instance a 30 cubic inch urn should hold the cremation ash of a pet weighing up to 30 lbs. We have found that not all cremations are the same and sometimes one gets more ash than expected so a little larger urn would be suggested.

Some of our customers prefer to use only a small urn, then spread some of the ash to the wind in the pet’s favorite playground. It’s like releasing the spirit to the wind.

Our goal is to have satisfied customers.

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