Dr Gray has been classically trained in equine internal medicine from the University of California at Davis (DACVIM, 2001). Most recently during the summer of 2020 she studied, practiced, and became certified in veterinary acupuncture, equine emphasis, from CIVT, college of integrated veterinary therapies. It is a college based out of Australia.

Many of Dr. Gray’s patients, much like herself, need alternative modalities to relieve pain, suffering, and internal illness. Unfortunately, sometimes the side effects of modern medicine can be worse than the original complaint. Furthermore, acupuncture has been around for 3000 years, with practitioners adding new understanding to the method throughout its evolution. It is sustainable, safe, and effective in so many ways!

Dr. Gray looks forward to searching for alternative ways to helping your horse. From painful lameness to behavioral issues to seasonal allergies, contact us today to see if equine acupuncture is the best option for you!