Dogs And Cats

We will do a complete physical examination in a stress free, low pressure, unrushed environment. We will take the time to give your pet a comprehensive exam and to fully inform you. We want you to be able to make informed choices about your pet’s medical care. The treatment plans we ultimately present to you will be individually tailored to the needs of your pet and to your lifestyle and needs.


Companion pets can build up tarter that results in gum disease, infection, tooth loss, and bad breath. We occasionally need to clean their teeth. Read more…



Endoscopy is a diagnostic tool we can utilize to evaluate the patient without having to resort to more invasive procedures. We can directly visualize portions of the body that would not otherwise be seen without surgery.

General Health Checkups

Every patient needs a physical every year. Cats and dogs age much more rapidly than we do. A disease can and will move rapidly within them leading to significant problems. A regular exam can catch these issues prior to any deterioration occurring. The disease can be managed with less stress to you and the patient.

Hospital Care

We offer advanced supportive care for all stages of treatment. We provide routine monitoring as well as advanced critical support to our patients. Through a combination of facility design and critical lifesaving equipment we monitor patients very closely. Whether it is IV fluids, respiratory support, or monitoring a patient post operatively, we can keep the patient safe and comfortable. We meet the needs of most patients in their hour of need and are continuously ready to provide support and care.

Internal Medicine

Through a combination of in-house laboratory equipment, local, national, and international labs, we can offer an extensive array of tests that facilitate our ability to properly and accurately diagnose your pet’s health problems.

Puppy and Kitten Care

Young patients have their own special needs that can rapidly change as they age over even a few weeks. Nutrition, preventive health care and specific vaccination protocols can be tailored to each patient’s history and future risks. Read more…


Mature Pets

Adult and/or geriatric patients have special needs. They can have diseases and conditions that require continued preventive care to control the condition. Dental care, annual lab work and nutritional needs change as they get older. We can, with regular care, improve and maintain a good quality of life that is years longer. Read more…



Surgery can sometimes be needed to facilitate the care of serious conditions. It can also be a more routine part of the care needed for your pet. We are fully trained and equipped to greatly reduce the risk of anesthetic procedures.

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Ultrasound (U/S) is another diagnostic tool we have at our finger tips. An U/S exam is non-invasive and can assist us in treating and diagnosing issues that are affecting your pet’s quality of life.


Today’s vaccines are lasting longer and doing more. There are more choices about what to vaccinate for and how to do it. We recommend a protocol that is based on factual and proven protocols, but that is ultimately tailored to your pet’s needs. We can test their level of protection as adults and determine their long term needs. Some patients, based on their immune systems and their risk of exposure, may not need the same protocol as another patient with different needs.

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X-rays are used to evaluate internal problems without the need to be invasive. They can assist in many cases to identify or rule out certain conditions. X-rays are another tool to help us accurately diagnose your pet. Results are immediate and can assist us in those emergency cases.